VZAccess Manager

Download VZAccess Manager

VZAccess Manager v7.9.1.0 (2810a) for your Lenovo Notebook with global module (MC8355 "Gobi3000").

Installation Instructions and/or Device Drivers

Lenovo Notebooks with global module (Sierra Wireless"Gobi3000"):
VZAccess Manager requires the "Wireless WAN Driver" to be installed on your Lenovo notebook; otherwise, VZAccess Manager will not function. The "Wireless WAN Driver” is typically preloaded on Lenovo notebooks. In the event this component is not installed on your Lenovo notebook, it is available for download from Lenovo's Support website: http://www.lenovo.com/support
Warning: The Connection Manager (CM) applications that control the connectivity of a given WWAN device could conflict if more than one type is installed on a given laptop. The Verizon, VZAccess Manager (2685b) and Lenovo Access Connection 5.8.3, do not interoperate correctly and could impede each other’s connectivity activities. When using VZAccess Manager on a Lenovo laptop, it is recommended that the Lenovo CM: Access Connection to be removed or uninstalled before installing and operating VZAccess Manager (2685b).