VZAccess Manager

Download VZAccess Manager

VZAccess Manager v6.9.2 (2135b) for your Motorola Q.

Installation Instructions and/or Device Drivers

To use the Motorola Q for BroadbandAccess Connect (tethered modem use) do the following: 

  1. To use you Motorola Q as a tethered modem you must first ensure you have the BroadbandAccess Connect plan from Verizon Wireless on your account. To add this feature to your account, contact: 1-800-2-JOIN-IN or visit your local Verizon Wireless retail store.  

  2. Verify it has the required device software:  

    1. From the main screen (Today Screen), select “Start”  

      Select “Settings”  

      Select the “Phone Settings”   (may have to "hit" more) 

      Select the “Phone Information”   (may have to "hit" more) 

              Required Software Version: 

                      Q2-BP_C_06.0B.0BP (or later) 

                      MP_BSP_C_02.07.55-13P_HW_P2.1 (or later) 

              If the Motorola Q does not have the required software version, please go to the Motorola Link to upgrade your device firmware (Click here) 

  3. Download and install Motorola Q drivers for Vista 32 bit(click here).

  4. Download and install Motorola Q drivers for Vista 64 bit(click here).

    Save the file to a location of your choosing.

    Double click on the file and follow the Motorola Driver Installation Setup Wizard to install the drivers.  
  5. Download and Install VZAccess Manager

Note:  In order to use the Motora Q for BroadbandAccess Connect (tethered mode), you must set the Data Connections settings on the Q to enable  "USB" before connecting the device to your PC for tethered access. Also do not connect the device until after the drivers are installed on the PC. 

Do the following to change the Data Connection settings on the Motorola Q: 

    From the main screen (Today Screen), simply select "Start"  

    Select "Accessories" folder 

    Select the "Modem Link" icon  

    Select "OK" button on the info message (this message will only appear the first time Modem Link is accessed) 

    Press the "Activate" button 

    Press the "OK" button on the info message 

    Press the "Done" button 

    (Please note, you must toggle the "Modem Link" settings  to alternate between modem use and using ActiveSynch.