VZAccess Manager

Download VZAccess Manager

VZAccess Manager v7.2.9 (2470a) for your Panasonic Toughbook with global module (Qualcomm 250D) or CDMA module (EM5625, MC5720, MC5725).

Installation Instructions and/or Device Drivers

Panasonic Toughbook with global module (Qualcomm 250D):
VZAccess Manager requires components from the "Gobi CSA Installer DVD" to be installed on your Panasonic Toughbook computer; otherwise, VZAccess Manager will not function. The "Gobi CSA Installer DVD" is typically shipped with each Panasonic computer. In the event you do not have the Panasonic Gobi CSA Installer DVD, a request can be submitted by visiting the Panasonic Toughbook Support website at http://panasonic.com/toughbook/support

Panasonic Toughbook with CDMA module (Sierra Wireless EM5625, MC5720, MC5725):
Click here for WWAN modem drivers